Grip Strengthener

  • Allows you to hold more weight on your lifts. Big lifts like bench press, deadlift, hang cleans, and curls of any kind are improved. More strength in your grip = more strength in your big lifts = more overall muscle.
  • Increased endurance. Your lifts no longer have to suffer in terms of quality because you can no longer grip something. Bars will stay glued to your hands and you can go deep into lifts until muscular failure, not grip failure.
  • Fill out your entire physique. A stronger grip will result in well-built forearms, a body part that’s always neglected in typical workouts. Develop nice looking forearms by adding strength to your grip.
  • Aids in your bodyweight exercises. Grip is really important for bar calisthenics. Pull-ups, muscle-ups, front lever raises, and other bodyweight pull exercises should only get tough when your muscles start to fatigue, not due to your hands failing to grip the bar.
  • Surprisingly, strong grip helps with quality of life. According to studies, “hand grip strength was highly predictive of functional limitations and disability 25 years later.” This means grip strength staves off certain degenerative disabilities later in life. Preserve your body and develop solid hand strength.

These are just a handful of ways hand grip strengtheners can help your lifting experience, as well as your life as a whole.

Considering the investment is a small one, both in price and time, it’s definitely worth it to use a hand grip strengthener.

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